About Us

Gem House

‘A striking balance between elegance and flamboyance!’ This statement aptly describes Gem House and its opulent jewellery as a whole. The founders of the store share a visceral mentality of showcasing and providing our customers with creative, awe-inspiring and embellishing jewellery at modest prices. With an experience of over 40 years, the founders have passed forward to their future generations the prodigious vision of adorning people from all over the globe with breathtaking gold and silver jewellery. Being an ancestral business, it is woven in the very foundation of the organisation to present a plethora of versatile designs that charm our customers and caters to their unique taste.


Although, the unparalleled artisanship is evident in our imaginative and stupendous jewellery designs, we also take pride in earnestly, yet steadily establishing the abstract ideas of legacy, trust and integrity of Gem House in the minds of our smiling customers. We believe in creating a memorably remarkable experience for our loyal and prospective customers instead of just engaging in the act of selling. Hence, relationships are of paramount importance, which further instills in us the innate drive to improve, innovate and bestow upon our customers with the finest gems and jewellery. Considering the field of business, we seek to incorporate sustainability in our production and procuring of materials, in order to create and sell our beautiful bijouterie from nature’s finest materials in an efficient manner. We, the team of Gem House, share a superlative passion in creating a standard of excellence that ranges from jewellery to customer satisfaction.